Our story

Our founder, Istvan Szőke, has been passionately looking for unique and extraordinary flavors since his youth. After successes in other fields, he returned to his youthful passion and envisioned a collection of Hungarian culinary works of art.

Through close collaboration with his friends, including renowned experts, chefs, and culinary historians, he decided to identify, source, and collect Hungarian gourmet products only made with the very finest ingredients.

United under the common goal of making these exquisite products available all throughout the world, they formed Hungarian Heritage together to help spread the aromas, flavors, and traditions of Hungarian culture.


Due to incomparable prosperity throughout the 19th century, Budapest quickly became one of the largest cultural centers in Europe. The particular atmosphere of its restaurants and the unique Hungarian dishes attracted aristocrats, artists, and celebrities from all over Europe. Through our products, we look to revive the luxury of this beautiful era by using rare ingredients, unique spices, and tasty flavors.


In the nineteenth-century fine restaurants of Budapest, the dishes were frequently made with traditional and rare Hungarian ingredients; and some of those are still available in the country in outstanding quality.

More than a century later, Hungarian Heritage brings these fine components back to today’s gastronomy.

Using truffle, foie gras, Mangalica meat, or Tokaji wine, our taste masters have created culinary works of art stemming from the traditional Hungarian cuisine. Although we embrace traditional methods, we work to showcase new cuisine arts, exciting flavors even for the gourmands of today’s modern and bustling cities.


Discovering the depths of truffles is an important step when you become a real gourmet.

The incomparable taste forms an individual gastronomic category all of its own. Truffles frame every dish in their own image and aid to bring out aromas that otherwise would be hidden from everything they are paired with.

These jewels of cuisine are considered luxury ingredients around the world, and are often referred to as the “diamonds of the kitchen.”

In the Hungarian gastronomy, truffle has been a staple of Hungarian kitchens since the 16th century and has maintained its popularity undiminished ever since.

Due to climate change, truffle varieties – that are more typical in Italy and in the Istrian peninsula – are also growing considerably throughout Hungary.

With the necessary know-how and a substantial amount of truffle, Hungarian Heritage is ready to provide our consumer high-quality fresh, frozen, and processed truffles.


  • Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

  • Istrian truffle (Tuber magnatum)

  • Smooth black truffle (Tuber macrosporum)

  • Winter truffle (Tuber brumale)

  • Honey truffle (Mattirolomyces terfezoides)

Foie gras


Renowned chefs, farmers, and journalists from all over the world have hailed Mangalica’s meat (also known as Mangalitsa or Mangalitza) as the Kobe beef of pork.

Mangalica is a long-forgotten Hungarian breed of domestic pigs with a 200-year-old heritage.

This rare breed – that grows a thick, woolly coat – has a marbled, dense, and thick appearance, more so than other pork meats or the crossbred Mangalica type that is widely available.

What makes original Hungarian Mangalica’s meat increasingly sought-after worldwide? There is no magic about it – only natural rearing!

They are fed with grass and herbs, and are nourished with wheat, corn, and barley during the winter months.